Using your eco-bin is as
easy as 1,2,3...

  1. Label the compartments on your eco-bin using the stickers provided.
  2. Put your eco-bin in a convenient place in your kitchen, ideally replacing your normal rubbish bin.
  3. Use your eco-bin to store different materials for recycling.

Special Features of the eco-bin

  • Large capacity - over 70 litres
  • Four large drawers for bulkier items
  • Drawers can be divided for smaller items
  • Compressor for squashing tin cans, plastic bottles and cartons
  • Two removable green drawers for food waste
  • Detachable drawers for easy emptying and cleaning
  • Arms for small batteries and inkjet cartridges
  • Designed also for use by the disabled
  • Made from recycled plastic and 100% recyclable


See what to recycle using the eco-bin >



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What to recycle >

All you need to know about the materials you collect in each drawer of your eco-bin, and why we need to recycle materials in different ways.

Click here for the user guide in PDF format >

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